• Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your lawn and landscape an easy task. In order to keep your sprinkler system working as efficiently as possible, it needs periodic maintenance. Our industry trained professionals can provide these services to you through our Irrigation Maintenance Program.

    Citruscapes Irrigation Maintenance Program will do away with unsightly brown spots and wasteful overwatering. Our program consists of 2 specialized visits to ensure that your system is running correctly.

    It’s important to have your sprinkler system checked on a regular basis.

    Our sprinkler system checkup includes:

    • Adjusting heads for correct spray pattern
    • Cleaning clogged nozzles
    • Finding any broken heads or bad valves
    • Inspection of every sprinkler head
    • Inspection of every zone on the system
    • Looking for leaks or dry spots
    • Setting correct watering time on control unit