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    Citrus County Lawn mowing is the most crucial part to maintaining your lawn’s health. It is also the first impression your visitors see of you and your home. Our mowing crew will cut, edge, trim and blow off every time to create a well-manicured lawn that will reflect beautifully on your home.

    We cut at a proper height that will allow the grasses to grow deep roots and prevent weeds from being able to grow. We use an edger to create crisp lines along sidewalks, driveways and patios which adds to the groomed and manicured look of the lawn. We will trim around all posts, fences, swing sets, and trees to ensure that the long grasses around obstacles are cut to match the flow of the rest of the yard. To finish, we blow off the debris from driveways, sidewalks, and patios to complete our clean and orderly appearance of your lawn. We will mow any size of property, whether it be less than ¼ acre or more than 10 acres.

    Give us a call or fill out the contact form to schedule a quote for your lawn today!

    There are NO CONTRACTS to sign. Our quality work will warrant your continued patronage and we guarantee satisfaction. The services listed below are only on a year-round basis with a monthly payment. The rate provided during your quote is a monthly flat rate fee year round. Visits decrease during winter months. You can view our lawn mowing pricing by clicking here.

    All our clients receive detailed monthly billing and their own client portal to view past and current invoices as well as pay for services even write support tickets and request additional services. With our system you'll know exactly when work was performed on your property and what was done.

    If you're interested in receiving a custom quote package from one of our Citrus County lawn care experts, simply complete the contact form and we will reply with a quote if you're in our service area.  Our lawn care quotes for citrus county are completed by using aerial GPS imaging. Or call now at (352) 220-6065.

    Note: Currently we are not offering "one time mows".

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    To help simplify the process we have 3 different Lawn Maintenance Packages to choose from, check out the details of each below. We can also CUSTOMIZE a service plan for you with the add-on services you want. The purpose of the packages is to take the guess work out of the equation, we will schedule and perform services at the correct times of year giving you one less thing to worry about.

  • Silver Package


    This is our base program where we will keep your lawn looking good all year around. The "Silver Package" includes the following:

    • 36 - 42 Cuts (Visits) Per Year
    • Edge Crisp Lines on sidewalks, driveways and flower beds
    • Trim around all obstacles (trees,posts etc.)
    • Blow off all debris from walks, driveway, door ways
    • Weed Killer Application to beds Included (once per month)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    This Package Typically Starts at $135/Month

  • Diamond Package


    For a no headache approach to your property maintenance needs we have created the "Diamond Package":

    most popular

    Diamond Package Adds: 

    • Shrub Trimming Maintenance (Typically Every 6 weeks, but can be customized at clients request)
    • Ornamental Tree Trimming (Crape Myrtles, Magnolias etc.)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    At Additional Costs Per Trimming Added to Monthly Invoicing

  • Platinum Package


    The Platinum Package is the complete package. Keeping your entire outdoor property looking at its best all year around.

    best value

    Platinum Package Adds:

    • Quarterly Irrigation Checks & Maintenance
    • Yearly Mulch Refresher (Thin layer of Mulch)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    At additional cost per irrigation check and mulch installation

  • hire us
    • We Show UP
    • Someone Answers the phone!
    • We Do What We Say We'll DO & When we say we'll do it
    • Monitor Clients Property for any issues
    • Professional & Quality Workmanship
    • Friendly and Courteous Staff
    • Professional Equipment
    • Sharp Blades
    • Change directions with each mowing
    • Professional Appearance
    • Licensed and Insured
    • Individual Pricing, only pay for the services you need
    • Client Portal
    • Credit Cards Accepted
    • Detailed Billing, know exactly what & when we were on your property
    • GPS on All Trucks, with time stamps for each visit
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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