Consistent maintenance ensures that your landscape lighting system maintains its peak performance and aesthetic appeal throughout the years. By enrolling in our maintenance program, you can relish the assurance that your outdoor lighting system continues to operate just as originally envisioned.

  • To safeguard your investment, we provide a semi-annual maintenance program, alleviating the need for you to initiate service requests each year. Consistent upkeep of your landscape lighting system will ensure its continued optimal performance and appearance over the years. We highly recommend enrolling in our scheduled maintenance program to preserve both the aesthetic allure and functionality of your low voltage landscape lighting system.

    Our comprehensive package comprises two annual service visits, one scheduled for early spring and another in late summer. Beyond ensuring that your system functions at its original capacity, we proactively implement measures to extend its lifespan and reduce the likelihood of expensive future repairs.

  • Programs start as low as $300 per year. 

  • We highly recommend our scheduled maintenance program to safeguard the investment you've made in your outdoor lighting system and to guarantee its proper operation.

  • LED Bulb Replacement:

    Over time, the brightness of LED bulbs tends to decrease. If your LED lamp has experienced partial or complete failure, resulting in reduced or no lumen output, it can significantly impact your lighting system's effectiveness. We meticulously assess each lamp and, if necessary, replace any faulty LED bulbs. If your lamps are covered by warranty, there will be no additional cost for the replacement.

    Fixture Repositioning:

    To optimize the lighting effect, it is important to periodically reposition or realign light fixtures. Factors such as plant root growth, obstructions from vegetation, or accidental disturbances by people or animals can cause fixtures to shift from their intended positions, resulting in diminished lighting quality. We expertly reposition each fixture for proper alignment and, when required, carefully trim obstructing plants to restore the desired lighting effect.

    Fixture and Lens Cleaning:

    Dirt, debris, and mineral deposits can accumulate over time, causing your lights to appear dimmer than usual. We conduct a thorough cleaning of each fixture and lens, ensuring that every light shines as intended, restoring its original brilliance.

    Timer Maintenance:

    We inspect all timers, making necessary adjustments to account for daylight savings time. Additionally, if applicable, we clean and test photocells to ensure they function properly.

    Transformer Inspection:

    Our technicians inspect connections at the taps, removing any debris or insects that may have accumulated. This inspection process guarantees the continued high-performance quality of your lighting system.

    Repair Services:

    In the event of any needed repairs, we are fully equipped to address them promptly, preventing potential future issues. If any wires have become exposed, we will take care to rebury them, maintaining the integrity of your lighting setup.

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