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    There probably isn't a bigger ongoing headache in Citrus County than flower bed maintenance. Right when everything looks neat & tidy something always seems to pop up and bring on more surprises and work.

    Having clean well maintained flower beds will enhance and add curb appeal to your property, but only if you stay on it. Maintaining your flower beds is an ongoing commitment and it can take up a lot of time and energy - and we're fairly sure you'd rather invest that time and energy elsewhere.

    At Citruscapes, you can leave the flower bed maintenance to us! We'll keep your flower beds free of weeds, redefine edges, prune where needed and more.

    Flower Bed Maintenance Monthly services include:

    • General Weeding
    • Pruning When/Where Necessary (Light Tree & Crepe Myrtle Pruning) 
    • Edge Redefining
    • Cultivating Mulch
    • (Optional) Weed Pre-Emergent
    • (Optional) Flower Planting for seasonal color


    Our garden bed maintenance pricing schedule depends on the size, number, and contents of your beds.

    Request a quote today to get started with our flower bed maintenance services.


    *Current Citruscapes monthly clients can have the Flower Bed Maintenance added to your monthly Lawn Maintenance Package!


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